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Moisturising Combo Kit (Hand & Body Lotion 250ml, Hand Sanitiser 250ml Pump, Restoring Cream 75ml & Soothing Gel 75ml)

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Leading medical research institutes and doctors suggest washing hands thoroughly, and vigorously with soap and water for at least twenty seconds is the key to killing the corona-virus and different microbes.

The repetition of handwashing has increased rapidly and globally. Gone are those days when most of us washed our hands a few times in our day-to-day activities like after the restroom, and before eating. But due to these unprecedented times, everyone is continually washing after any outing, any activity, or any exposure to places, people or surfaces.

The constant washing of hands and frequent use of sanitizers has led to hands becoming dry, flaky, and itchy. Using Curaloe’s Moisturising Combo Pack can help in naturally healing dry, sensitive skin, and problematic hands.

This moisturising discounted, combo value pack is great for hands, feet, elbows, and body too. It consists of Curaloe Hand & Body Lotion 250ml, Curaloe Hydrating Waterless Hand Sanitiser 250ml pump, Curlaoe Restoring Cream 75ml and Curaloe Soothing Gel 75ml

Curaloe Hand & Body Lotion 250ml

A lightweight Curaloe Hand & Body Lotion is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Rich in Aloe Vera, this lotion will counteract the effects of continuous application of a Sanitiser. Use the product on the skin and rub gently until fully absorbed. Suitable for any climate and time of day.

Curaloe Hydrating Waterless Hand Sanitiser 250ml pump

The Curaloe’s Hydrating Waterless Hand Sanitiser (250ml) pump is the perfect size to put in your kitchen or bathroom. It is like a gel and evaporates quickly. Made with 70% alcohol is formulated to reduce germs and protect your hands. Enriched with the moisturising effects of Aloe Vera, it helps nourish your family's skin and is mild enough to use every day.

Curlaoe Restoring Cream 75ml

Made with organically cultivated Aloe Vera, Grapeseed oil, Myrrh, and Lavender. A white creamy ointment with Aloe Vera, Myrrh and Lavender to promote healing of small sores, cuts and abrasions. Suitable on all skin abrasions, cuts and small skin irritations. Use a small amount of product on the affected area and rub gently until fully absorbed.

Curaloe Soothing Gel 75ml

A light, unscented Aloe Vera gel for application to any area that needs soothing. Excellent on sunburn, itchy skin, eczema, psoriasis, and inflamed skin. Suitable for all skin types. Apply on the affected area and massage gently until absorbed.


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At Curaloe we only use pure Aloe Vera from our own source,

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