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Hand Sanitisers Bulk Deal

We are providing bulk supply of Hand Sanitisers in 1Litre, 5Litres and 25 Litres quantity. Liquid-based solution with 70% alcohol content making it super effective for protection against all kinds of harmful, infectious germs and viruses.

Manufactured in Vivo, Limpopo, we ship throughout South Africa. With 70 hectares of capacity, in the last six months we have planted an additional 100000 Aloes, and presently we have a population of 1 million aloe plants that can produce a juice capacity of more than 25000 litres per hectare.

We wanted to help the society to control the spread of the pandemic throughout South Africa. This is our way of contributing to the combat-process of the pandemic that has negatively affected the whole country.


You can order these products via email.

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