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Curaloe Body Butter 250ml - 60% Aloe Vera

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Luxurious Hydration & Silky Radiance

Indulge in the lavish embrace of Curaloe's Aloe Vera Body Butter, boasting a generous 60% organic Aloe Vera blend, complemented by the nourishing touch of Avocado Oil, Avocado Butter, and the rejuvenating essence of Rosemary and Rapeseed Oils. This 250ml creamy delight is meticulously crafted to drench your skin in deep hydration, restoring its natural suppleness.

Experience a silky, radiant glow as this body butter melts into your skin, targeting dryness and ensuring long-lasting moisture. Perfect for all skin types, let Curaloe be your daily ritual for soft, glowing, and beautifully nourished skin.


  • 60% Aloe Vera
  • Nourishing & rejuvenating
  • Long-lasting hydration & moisture
  • Powerful anti-oxidant
  • 250ml
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin
Curaloe Aloe Vera Body Butter 250ml - Long-Lasting Moisturiser
Curaloe Body Butter 250ml - 60% Aloe Vera Sale priceR 259.00