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Curaloe Hydrating Hand Sanitiser 500ml - 27% Aloe Vera

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Family-Sized Protection & Nourishment!

Step up your family's hand hygiene with Curaloe's Hydrating Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser. Armed with a robust 70% alcohol, it promises swift and effective germ defence.

The added benefit of 27% Aloe Vera ensures not just protection but also deep hydration, leaving hands feeling soft and rejuvenated. This unique formula is safe and gentle on delicate skin and little hands.

Presented in a 500ml pump bottle, this quick-drying gel is the ideal family companion for daily use, ensuring hands that are both clean and cared for. Choose Curaloe for a blend of safety and skin-loving care.

  • 27% Aloe Vera
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Anti-bacterial & sanitising
  • Hydrating
  • Quick-drying gel
  • 500ml Family size bottle
  • Suitable for all skin types