How Aloe Vera Can Be Helpful in Treating Painful Rashes of Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a typical skin disease influencing 1 of every 50 individuals. Both men and women are prone towards getting psoriasis and the symptoms can show up at any age.

Psoriasis is a drawn out condition that may go back and forth all through your lifetime. There are various types of psoriasis, sometimes it affects the skin, scalp or nails. Also, it has the tendency to spread across the limbs and knees causing inflammatory arthritis.

Research confirms that psoriasis is currently a non-curable disease and there is no single treatment to stop it. It goes through cycles; skin turns inflammable for few weeks then calms down to becoming normal. The cycle repeats depending upon various factors like weather (especially cold, dry weather), skin infections, unhealthy diet, unwanted habits like smoking and alcohol consumption and more.

Studies explains that psoriasis has a relation with low immune system. Overactive T cells (basically, more than active immune system) results in crumbling of healthy skin causing them to multiply on to the surface of the skin, clearly damaging the skin making it extremely dry and flaky with red patches and itchiness. 

Try these natural methods to help ease your psoriasis:

Use body lotion

Psoriasis prevention - Aloe Vera Body Lotion

After bathing, gently pat dry and apply a lightweight body lotion while your skin is still moist. Use the product on the skin and rub gently until fully absorbed. Apply it on the affected area of the skin overnight and wash the skin in the morning. (Please note: It is always better to test the product on a small patch before covering a larger area of the affected skin.)


Psoriasis prevention -  be in the sunlight for few minutes

Use natural sunlight to treat your skin. But make sure you log your time. Expose your skin for limited time under the sun. Also, it is good to carry sunscreen for extra care. 

Warm Water Baths

Psoriasis prevention - Shower in lukewarm water & use aloe vera based soap

Always try bathing with lukewarm water. It helps calm the inflamed skin and remove scales. Use mild soaps made from natural ingredients especially aloe vera that heals and moisturises the skin. 

Say no to alcohol & smoking

Psoriasis prevention - No smoking no drinking

Alcohol consumption and smoking decreases the effects of psoriasis treatment. So make sure you avoid indulging in such activities. 

Maintain A Healthy Life Style 

Psoriasis prevention - Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle


Manage this condition of psoriasis by having a healthy lifestyle and avoiding the triggers that sets it off. Being active, exercising and eating well will help you keep your body and skin healthy. A Modern Study of Aloe Vera, have demonstrated that Aloe Vera juice, when drunk daily, can help to control this particular condition. 

 Watch this video to understand how Aloe Vera is a powerful superfood.


If you are looking for your psoriasis treatment products, Aloe Vera can be the answer. Curaloe Soothing Gel or Facial Gel needs to be applied to the affected areas twice a day, in the morning and at night. A moisturising cream, the Curaloe Restoring Cream or Curaloe Body Butter should also be used for hydrating the skin. In addition, 30 ml of Curaloe Organic Aloe Vera Juice should be consumed once a day before breakfast and again in the evening to help balance your body's pH and lower inflammation.

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