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Aloe Vera: Nature's Ally to Health and Healing by Piet Viljoen

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Discover the incredible power of Aloe Vera's potential to heal and alleviate skin conditions, body ailments, and dental woes such as arthritis, anti-ageing, acne, skin and sunburns, eczema, diabetes, gingivitis, and more!

Unlock the secret aloe solution for improving the life of your pets and animals, as well as treating common veterinary conditions

Learn why it’s commonly used in the cosmetics, complementary medicine, and food & beverage industries.

Nature’s Ally to Health and Healing gives you all the answers, from the history of Aloe Vera to the cultivation process, the many uses of Aloe Vera and the 75+ bioactive ingredients that make the plant so extraordinary. With remarkable photos and exclusive Aloe Vera recipes for shampoos, creams, juices and more, this 68-page book has all you need to make the most of this powerful plant.

ISBN 978-0-9904183-0-6